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Rat lover in Dallas 
08:40am 04/07/2007
mood: lonely
Hi all. It's been half a year since my Rufus passed. My little efficiency is pretty lonely, and I miss reaching up to my shoulder to idly pet a sleepy raffin. (All of my previous rats were quite happy to hang out on my shoulder once acclimated to humans.) Pet store rats are, to me, can be just as good as the fancy shmancy ones bred by hobbyists... but I hate the idea of giving my money to a pet store; I have yet to find a petstore in this area that has treated rats humanely. Hence, my query; does anyone in north central Texas have a rat or rats up for adoption?

In the small animal department, I have experience with;
wild birds

But all in all, I have to say, rats are by far my favorite, and the most rewarding small animal I've ever had guardianship of. If you have any raffins up for adoption, please contact me at bootsandscoots@gmail.com I'm willing to drive up to an hour outside of my area.
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looking for a future foster/adoptive home 
06:18pm 10/10/2006
  I am looking for one or more parties in southern Ontario who can at some future date foster and/or adopt (your preference) Sophie, a beige hooded rat with fluffy semi-curly fur who's about nine months old. She's an absolute sweetie--slightly shy, but social and curious, receptive to scritching and frequently eager to lick her owner's face.

I adopted Grace and Sophie (mother and daughter) together earlier this year. I will be away overseas for seven months starting in mid-October and, to put it bluntly, it is likely that Grace will die during that time. While my parents are happy and willing to care for two rats, they are not able (due to allergies and workload) to acquire a new rat and go through the processes of quarantine and introductions.

So I'm looking for someone to adopt/foster Sophie when Grace dies, and introduce her to and keep her with a new companion (or companions). I would prefer to be able to get Sophie back when I return, but if the person would rather adopt I'm okay with that.

Sophie is the one on the left:
02:41pm 09/09/2006
  Hello, I'm interested in adopting two female dumbo rats. Preferably rescue and socialized together. I live in Athens, Ga. and you can post to me here. Also, if anyone knows any good rat breeders in the Athens or Atlanta area, please recommend them to me. Thanks!  
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04:46pm 29/08/2006
  does anyone know if there are rat rescues in the Philly area?

I'm looking for a rescue to volunteer at or maybe get a job at.
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04:47pm 01/08/2006
  Hey everyone!
I'm interested in adopting 2 baby boy rats (weened) who have been with eachother (so they won't fight)

Please let me know if you guys have any!


P.S I have experience with rats!
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12:38pm 26/06/2006
  Hey guys!

I'm fostering two beautiful boys that need forever homes! They are probably about a year old, and they absolutely must stay together. One is a black hoodie, and the other is a really dark brown (chocolate?) berkshire. They are sweet as pie, and social.

If you live in N. Florida or S. Georgia, contact me (girlforsale at gmail dot com) if you want them. I can travel to meet you halfway, too.

10:24am 14/06/2006
I live in northern Virginia and I have 8 rats to give away to good home. My rats reproduced so much and I have to move soon, so it's hard to deal with all of them even though they are extremely cute. They are two months old and they are all black-colored. They are extremely cute and it's sad that I have to give them away but that's what my parents want me to do and moving is not so easy with a small car and so many animals. Please contact me at medicalshower@yahoo.com thank you so much
12:36am 05/06/2006
  Anyone live in Jacksonville or Brevard County, Florida?

There are two rats that need rescued from shelters, the one in Jax is female, and GOURGEOUS, and the other is "main color: white" which I assume means PEW, but they don't specify sex.

: ) Babies that need loooove!!!!

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11:53am 20/04/2006
  I have been a rattie community lurker for quite some time but havn't been a regular poster in any communities in over a year (so this is a debut post in most of the rattie communities I've come across here on LJ). However I've come out of the woodwork for a very important quest. I've owned rats and fostered rats most of my teen and adult years I love them dearly as a whole, but this one is very special.

Her name is Shadow, and she's an amazing rat with a gentle spirit and a huge heart.

I live in Southern California, but when I move in a couple of weeks, I'm making a treck from Southern California to Arlington, Tx...so I could easily bring her to anyone along that stretch of the 10/20. She's a great rat and I love her so, but I just won't have enough time to really give her the attention she deserves once I move. I'm sending her with all of my rattie supplies. Cages, food, toys, ball, travel cage, etc. I just want her to have someone that can love her as much as I do and give her the attention she deserves.

Any questions please contact me.

x-posted every-which-a-way.
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04:15pm 20/04/2006
  ok.. so here's my lil problem.

In early July I will be attending the Art Inst. of Philly. I will be living in the dorms. You aren't allowed to have any pets of any shape or form in the dorm. I have a 2 year old pet rat. I've raised him from a baby and he's spent pretty much every waking moment by my side because I travel with him. He's the sweetest thing on the face of the Earth and I get seperation anxiety if I have to be away from him for more than a day.

I was originally planning on giving him to some friends of mine that live in Richmond, VA to they could take care of him for me while I'm in college. But their marriage is on the rocks and I fear putting my rat in the middle of their drama and having him get neglected. I also realized that Richmond is jsut too far away and I'd miss him too much.

So, I now need to figure out a new place to keep him for the 2 year duration. I don't want to give him away but I would like to find a nice foster parent or something of that nature. Someone who would let me come visit him on a regular basis. I'd pay for his food and other supplies. I guess basically I want to board him somewhere. I'd like this place to be in or very near downtown Philly.. or within a reasonable bus ride.

He's a very easy keeper.. but he's a bit crippled (busted leg) and needs CONSTANT attention. He loves people and gets along reasonably well with other rats (he's been kept in a house w/ 3 rats at one point and never caused a fight)

If anyone could help me out with this I'd love you forever.

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01:22am 11/03/2006
  Hello hello,
my boyfriend and I have quite a few ratties on our hands that need good homes... all of which are available for free to any responsible taker.

We live in Mississauga Ontario (Port Credit), but for the right person I would be willing to travel a bit to get these rats into a good home.

We have: approx. 30 rats
Males AND Females
Black hoodies
Brown hoodies
Tan hoodies
Black bershires
Brown berkshires
Champagne berkshires
as well as a couple hairless right now, which I think we would have to SELL instead of give away, but I'm not sure about that yet...

Anyway, all the rats are perfectly healthy, handled regularily and are super sweet, but we have to give them away because we have WAY TOO MANY for out little apartment.

I'm not sure if I should have emailed someone my information, I can do so if that would be helpful, but otherwise PLEASE email Tailarion@hotmail.com if you're interested. I am more likely to check my email then my LJ comments so please EMAIL ME.

Pictures located here
desperation in the southwest 
05:11am 07/02/2006
mood: worried
Hi there, everyone. I've posted my available rats several other places before, but can't get anyone to adopt. It's just my husband and I running Little bRats Rat Refuge, and I'm disabled and he works 12 hour shifts. As far as I can tell, we're the only shelter in the state.
That said, we're past capacity and can't accept any new ratties until we get some of these guys in forever homes. We try our best to take care of them and give them a good life, but with so many rats (18 for adoption, 7 personal) we can't keep the cages as clean as I would like and we can't give them as much individual handling time as they need. We've tried very hard to adopt them out, but so far we've only adopted two rats out in a year and a half.
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looking for rats in Kingston, Ontario 
09:27am 05/02/2006
  Hello, everybody!

I'm interested in adopting one or two pet rats. My location is Kingston, Ontario (Canada) most of the time but I also spend time in the Greater Toronto Area and I can get to Ottawa by train. Hope I can find some new ratty friends...

It looks like I've found someone. May everybody else in this group be as lucky!
02:39am 05/08/2005
  Name: missa
Age: 21
How long have you liked rats?: years
How many rats do you have?: a lot .. about 41

adoption application

Contact: twgyschkE@gmail.com
Amount/Gender/Age(s): 3 wEEks to 4 months
Description: boys & girls of Varieties: rex,Satin, standard colors: beige, black, white markings: hooded ,Berkshire, English Irish, irish
picture: in lj cut
personality: all happy furry balls.. some arE vEry chill.. all veRy friEndly and curious
Need special care from experienced guardians?: nope.. all in great health

babie rat pixErsECollapse )
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08:58pm 03/08/2005
  welcome to the community please feel free to post pictures of your ratties.. weather or not they need a home so your rat pride! but if you do have a rat that does need a home please post a picture and a little bit about your rattie.. you can find the right person to care for rattie... the perfect home is what we care about here! please also list in your post where your from and how far your willing to travel incase the person interested isn't able to travel to you.. thanks and enjoy! post away!